Community Dinner Host (Opening Your Home)

Open Enrollment
As a Community Dinner Host, you open your home and we provide dinner for a group of college students. This group could be as few as 5 or as many as 50 (depending on your ability and accommodations). Each week Ignite has groups of college students who need a hot meal! We're looking for hosts who are willing to open their home for about 2 hours for at least one evening during the semester. There are a few different options to accommodate your availability (see below).

By connecting UofL students to a community dinner home, we hope to create space for intentional community and meaningful conversation while UofL students enjoy a free meal in a home around the city. 

  • What days and times will the dinner happen?
    • About 2 hours one evening. Dates and times are flexible.
  • What is the commitment?
    • We ask for a one semester commitment
      • Option 1: Once per month (~5 dinners)
      • Option 2: Once during the semester
  • Can I provide dinner?
    • Absolutely. If you'd like to cook or cover the cost of the dinner, we can make that happen!
  • How many students will there be?
    • Ignite has several groups of students of all different sizes that would love to meet in a home for dinner.
    • As few as 5 students or as many as 50 (depending on your ability and accommodations)


Caleb Garza
(512) 539-9942


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